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To Prepare Your Own Site

The best base to use for an utility shed or gazebo is a flat and level 3/4″ stone pad approximately
3″ to 4″ deep and extending 1′ on each side of the utility shed or gazebo. Also pressure treated 6″
X 6″ 40 CCA timbers could be installed to help retain the stone. The top of the timbers should be
installed 1″ to 2″ above the existing grade.

Let Us DO It

The majority of our customers allow us to level their shed or gazebo on patio blocks which can be
purchased at the following prices: 2″ blocks $3.00 each, 3″ blocks $4.00 each, 4″ blocks $6.00 each and 8″ blocks $8.00 each. The charge for the patio blocks used will be added to the balance
due on your shed or gazebo at the time of delivery. All we ask for is you to provide us with a clear unobstructed pathway. Please have all shrubs and tree limbs trimmed back to avoid damage to the sides and roofing of the structure.

Height Requirements: We need a clearance of at least 14′ of height.

Width Requirements: The width needed is 3′ wider than the overall width of your shed. For English and Quaker styles we will need 5′ wider clearance.