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Delivery – Things to Know

Our delivery trucks weigh on average 10,000 lbs and 8,000 lbs for the trailers. Most sheds weigh approximately 18 lbs per square foot floor space.
If your shed is over 8′-6″  in width the State of Connecticut has a new rule that wide loads are not allowed when the surface of the highway or roadway is made hazardous by rain, snow, sleet, fog, freezing rain or combination thereof. We do not want to drive over your property and make ruts or possibly get stuck if it has been raining prior to your delivery time we would suggest you give us a call to re-schedule your delivery.
Sometimes the most direct route is through your neighbor’s property.
Low hanging wires can usually be pushed up high enough to allow access to your property.
Tree limbs and shrubs can sometimes be tied back or held up eliminating the need for cutting.
fence chain Chain link fences most of the time you only need to disassemble the fence and cut one of the upright steel post to allow access. Once your delivery is completed simply put a steel sleeve on the inside of the cut post and reassemble.
Sprinkler heads should be clearly marked and please let our delivery people know the location so that they can take precautions to avoid them.
Septic systems are not usually a concern. Our delivery crews have driven over thousands of septic systems without damage. If this is a concern to you please point this out so that other precautions can be taken. Our delivery crews are Working for you!